Julia Coronado

Julia Coronado

Redefine yourself to accomplish with Julia Coronado

Julia Coronado was raised in a very religious household where divorce was taboo.  She was married 14 years with six children and got divorced.  It had a significant effect on her and her life.

The spunky speaker had to answer the question of “What do I want to do?”  She hired a mentor because she was in a dark spot.  It was one thing to say life was hard but when had six young children and security was ripped from her.  She did not know how she was going to make it financially.  She was in a terrible spot, but she made her way forward.  She wanted to create balance for her children.

She assumed all the energy of guilt and shame and felt like she was not enough.  She felt like she should have done more.  Then she hired a mentor who trained her that the “should have” need to become “what can I do now?”

Other people looked up to her for advice because they admired her for making it through that experience.

Julia does personal one on one coaching, group coaching, or a hybrid.  It depends on how aggressive the client wants to be.

Tamara asked Julia what happened between this extreme life event and how she got to the point she could help others.  She said that she had a vision of her life purpose at a very young age and ironically one of the roadblocks that came up was a woman helping her through her divorce.

The woman became real with asking her why?  She had six kids and no certification.  How did she think she could help other people?  This woman was a catalyst to proving this woman wrong and propelling Julia forward in her coaching career.

It is not about having the answers, but what small shift can you make now to move forward.

She indicates she was going to make an investment in herself and get started.  When you get clear on your value and what services you offer things just happen.  Making the shift to serving other people then people can see you are authentic and they want your help and be in your space.  That combined with networking and consistently getting out there makes Julia a success.

Julia Coronado is an outspoken, say-it-like-it-is empowerment and accountability coach who specializes in assisting women to regain their confidence and self-esteem following divorce and domestic abuse. After she went through a nasty divorce, she began pairing her talents with her “mess” of life experiences to teach women how to use their voice, know their worth, and get out of their way to achieve their dreams.

In addition to being a coach, mentor, and speaker, Julia is a mother of 6 children.

You can contact Julia at info@uplevelcoaching.com

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