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Meet Linda and Jennifer

Linda Rawson


Linda Rawson, CEO, and Founder of DynaGrace Enterprises started her company initially called Sensory Technology Consultants, in 2006.   DynaGrace Enterprises (DGE) is 100 percent Women-Owned Small Business and is SBA 8(a) certified and has done several million dollars of DoD government contracts.   DGE is a business run by a family as Jennifer Remund, Linda’s daughter, is the Vice President.

Linda was born in a small farming community in Utah, and she was raised by her mother, who was a single mom raising five children. Her mother never went to college and did not have any dreams of owning her own business; she did her best to provide while remaining within the expected role of a woman.

Linda never thought about being an entrepreneur even though there were childhood tendencies.  She has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) so as a child her mom was constantly shoving her out the door, so she didn’t drive her mom crazy.  Until a teenager, she struggled in school.  In high school, she always got good grades while being involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), sports, and band.  She grew up in a poor single mom household.  From meager beginnings came the experience of how to work hard to achieve results.

Of her family, she is the only one to dream of owning her own business and the only one to have pursued higher education, thus breaking from the family mold and becoming a success in the business world. She has exceeded expectations and never let various challenges and obstacles associated with being a woman impede upon her path to success

Her entrepreneur story starts in 2005 at Hill AFB, UT.  She was hired as an Oracle DBA and also wrote software for the 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron using her .Net talents.  She loves writing software and data has always been her thing.  She describes being perfectly happy as a cube rat.

During this time she went through a divorce.  So while her personal life was in strife, she had to turn her life around and take care of my three teenage kids.  She poured herself into work and managed to run the kids around to all their activities.  Her words at this time ”I have skills, what would be the worst thing that would happen? My kids might have to sleep on somebody’s couch for a month or two.  It doesn’t hurt children to experience hard times.”  Her kids never slept on somebody’s couch, and she has managed to give them a great lifestyle.

Although very passionate about what she does she is often accused being a workaholic.  She finds balance in her life by being very close to her family and spends time with them as much as possible. She also finds pleasure in life by traveling and participating in outdoor activities.  Today DGE is a multi-million dollar business and is thriving and growing. Linda chooses to share her knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs.  Follow Linda at www.lindarawson.com


Jennifer Remund


Jennifer Remund is the Vice President of DynaGrace Enterprises and has over a decade of experience in business administrative services in the areas of human resource, accounting, and business startup.  Family owned businesses can be tough but Jennifer and Linda make a great team and compliment each other wonderfully, making DGE run smoothly and effectively.

Jennifer is the “behind the scenes” operational manager of DynaGrace Enterprises (DGE) managing and running the DGE corporate office. She manages employees, departments, organizes documents, communicates with customers and maintains the efficiency of the business.

Jennifer is responsible for implementing human resource management strategies that enable DGE to recruit, train, and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Jennifer specializes in talent management, staffing, employee benefits, learning, and development.

Jennifer collects data for business development and other opportunities.  She is readily available with the necessary data for financial analyzing of DGE, as well as information and trends.  She manages the constant barrage of government paperwork and makes sure DGE certifications are up to date.

Jennifer has spent the last several years developing and maintaining DGE’s SBA 8(a) certification. Jennifer has been through the 8(a) application process and ensures the annual 8(a) is updated and maintained to ensure 8(a) program eligibility. Jennifer has also completed the application process for Women-Owned-Small-Business and successfully got DGE on the GSA schedule.

Jennifer is a talented software developer and develops and maintains websites, using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, ASP.net, etc. She designs the complete package from site flow to graphic design and theming.  She created her first website at the age of 13 and continues to enjoy the creativity involved with enhancing brand names.

Jennifer was born and raised in Utah and has a wonderful home with her family in the small community of Morgan, Utah, she is married and is the mother of two children. Jennifer enjoys camping, big game hunting, recreation softball, traveling, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Some of Jennifer’s favorite places to visit are the Uinta Mountains, Cabo San Lucas, and the California Coast. Jennifer is grateful to share these experiences with her children, while also enjoying them with her husband.

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