Family and your career are like two glass balls that you must juggle else they will crash.

Which is More Important

School of Thought

Many a time, debates have stemmed on which among the two is more important. A school of thought picked marriage another picked career. The third school of thought sat on the fence as they were indecisive about which was more important. The truth is that both your family and career are of utmost importance and none should suffer at the expense of the other.

A bunch of keys

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The Key

The key to having a successful marriage and excelling in your career path is – balance. It is imperative to find a way of making these two great aspects of work, all the time. These are some healthy tips to ensure that you become a superman/ superwoman who can balance marriage, family, and career.

Set Goals

Setting a goal is crucial. Get out your diary or planner and write out goals for your family and your career. With this, you will be able to track your progress.

Get support

It is helpful to know that you are not the Greek god, Atlas! You cannot carry the world on your shoulders. It is always necessary to get support from your partner however and whenever possible. Things would be a lot easier if you had the support of your spouse.

Create time for your family and career

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Creating time is one of the secrets to a striking a balance between your career and family. Map out time for relaxation for family and set out time for your work. Nothing should invade the other. The balance of time is a tried and proven method that has helped many successful career-minded individuals that have been married for years.

Do not take work home

The air around your home should not be thick. Children pick negative vibes easily. If you get home from work, freshen up for a few minutes and sit with your children. Try to let what happened at work, stay at work. Just relax and unwind with them for at least half an hour every week.

Try to be present at mealtimes

If you can make it back in time for dinner, it will go a long way. However, if you find out that you cannot, try to share a piece of fruit with them if you get home immediately after dinner and throw light conversations in the air.

Carry out chores together

As a working parent, you might not be there when your kids arrive home from school. You can always catch up with them by asking them to walk the dog with you or work in the yard with you. Individual attention will make your children very happy.

Have dates

Set out a day and make it a date night. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. If you want to be alone with your spouse, you could arrange for a close friend or family member to help you watch your kids.

Creating a balance between your work and family seems overwhelming at first, take baby steps, and you will be glad you embarked on the journey.

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