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Crystal Glossary

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  • Agate is one of the oldest healing stones, and soothes and calms emotional duress. As a stone of strength, you feel safe from external threats by easing the anxiety of those situations. Read More
  • Amazonite is soothing to the brain and nervous system and balances the feminine and masculine energies. Amazonite is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits. Read More
  • Amethyst helps to calm the spirit and purify the mind to protect against negative influences. Strong emotions are calmed and amethyst aids in healing of physical ailments and emotional issues. Read More
  • Apatite aids in cleaning confusing ideas and emotions so that personal growth and increased intellect occur. Read More
  • Apricot Agate helps bring a calmness of the mind by balancing Yin and Yang energies. When situations are beyond your control and overwhelming this stone helps bring a feeling of relieve. Read More
  • Aquamarine calms the wild energy and allows you to communicate your desires and goals to help achieve them. Read More
  • Black obsidian helps to clean and heal your aura and is a strong stone of protection. Read More
  • Black Onyx enhances physical strength including vigor and stamina. Because you feel strong you also fee self-confident and at ease in your surroundings. Black Onyx can help with grief and stimulating the power of wise decision-making. Read More
  • Black Tourmaline is the "protection stone" and repels negative energy. Read More
  • Blood Stone helps keep your goals stable so your drive can complete them. Read More
  • Blue Kyanite helps you clear your mind of worries, anxious thinking, second guessing and self-doubt. Read More
  • Blue Onyx helps eliminate dark energy you have already accumulated in your body and soul. Read More
  • Blue quartz, also called Dumortierite, is a stone of organization and brings a sense of order to all things. The stone helps bring better organizational skills and orderliness to your life. Read More
  • Bronzite helps restore harmony by fortifying your nerves which allows the release of physical, mental, or spiritual blockages. Read More
  • Calcite is a powerful energy cleanser because it amplifies energy. The quality helps promote personal, physical, and mental growth. Read More
  • Carnelian stones enhance your talent, creativity and stimulates good thought to provide more confidence. The stone protects against negativity and poverty and keeps you safe from harm and misfortune. Read More
  • Celestite is a calming and uplifting stone that helps increase positive thinking and self-love. Read More
  • Citrine is known for finding the joy in all things. The stone is a happy stone that emits warm energy that promotes joy and optimism. Read More
  • Clear Crystal is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. The shard is used to activate the grid. Read More
  • Emerald is the symbol of wealth and abundance. The stone enhances concentration abilities and sparks and inspires passion. The stone reminds you to persevere even in times of adversity. Read More
  • Fluorite supports healing, cleansing negativity, and increasing positivity. Read More
  • Garnet helps with transformation of enduring a difficult time to receive the benefits of that time. Read More
  • Green Aventurine is a comforting stone that helps heal the heart which attracts opportunity. The emotional calmness and well being is good for your digestive track and helps with nausea. Read More
  • Hematite helps to clear confusing and overwhelming thoughts to strengthen your aura. Hematite can help absorb negative vibrations and brings calmness during times of stress or worry. Read More
  • Howlite IG
    Howlite calms your soul by soothing stressful and anxious thoughts. Howlite increases creative thought, clear communication, and clarity of your goals and ambitions. Read More
  • Indigo Gabbro increases your intuition by attracting messages into your meditations and dreams. This connection to a higher consciousness brings clarity to your life. Read More
  • Iolite is a calming stone for your mind. The busy thoughts of the day can be calmed with iolite and is therefore used in meditation to still your mind. Read More
  • Kambaba Jasper is a greenish stone of Tranquility and Peace to comfort, calm and relax your mind and restore balance to your spirit. Read More
  • Labradorite is a stone of strength and transformation to allow analysis of self. Read More
  • Lapis Lazuli helps increase focus, wise thinking, and intuition. Read More
  • Lapis Lazuli helps increase focus, wise thinking, and intuition. Read More
  • Lepidolite calms you and helps you to provide self-care and down time needed to thrive. Read More
  • Mahogany Obsidian is a grounding stone to help harness excess energy and thoughts. Read More
  • Malachite encourages growth especially changes outside your comfort zone. Read More
  • White Quartz is a powerful stone used for calming overwhelming emotional thoughts, refreshing your spirit by bringing an innocence and childlike quality to your thoughts. Read More
  • Nephrite Jade is known to be the stone of dreams and can bless whatever it touches. The stone can assist in dream recall and analysis to bring clarity. Read More
  • Opal helps remove fear when you feel self-doubt. Confidence is aided with opal. Read More
  • Orange calcite is a healing stone that contains the element of fire and encourages happy transitions. Read More
  • Peridot is used for maintenance of protection, healing, and comfort. Read More
  • Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation and assists in calming your soul when faced with fear. Read More
  • Pink Kunzite has gentle, healing action to free the restrictions of unconditional love. Read More
  • Pyrite works to foster the energy of wealth and abundance. The stone provides you with the motivation and willpower to move forward in your career or investment decisions. The stone removes any fears or doubts you may have that are blocking you from achie Read More
  • Rainbow Moonstone pulls the nurturing moon's energy to further develop your intuition. Read More
  • Red Aventurine is a stone of manifestation and fulfilling those manifestations with actions. By energizing the physical body, energy can be focused to make manifestations come to life. Read More
  • Red Jasper symbolizes empowerment and brings strength to increase boundaries against verbal dominance. Read More
  • Red Tigers Eye takes energy and amplifies it to give you a sense of vitality, confidence and motivation. Read More
  • Rhodochrosite integrates physical and spirtual energies stimulating love and passion while energizing the soul. Read More
  • Rhodonite is recognized as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to center during stressful times. Read More
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of “love” and can attract love into your life by helping restore trust and enhance harmony in relationships by encouraging unconditional love. Read More
  • Ruby provides strength of character and protection from negative energy while attracting good luck. Read More
  • Ruby Zoisite increases vitality and zest for life. The stone also helps release sorry and grief. Read More
  • Rutilated Quartz increases your willpower and motivation. Read More
  • Selenite is a calming stone that generates peace making it perfect for meditation. A selenite stick is used to cleanse crystals of negativity and other energies. Selenite helps with fertility, hair regrowth and a maintaining a youthful appearance. Read More
  • Serpentine, a prosperity stone, helps with manifestation, healing and bringing abundance into your life. Read More
  • Smoky Quartz IG
    Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone that helps dissipate negative thinking, doubt, fear, chaos and confusion. It improves clarity of thoughts to make decisions. Read More
  • Snowflake Obsidian is a balancing stone that promotes inner centering and release from negative thoughts. Read More
  • Sodalite encourages clear objective thoughts, truth, intuition, and communication of feelings. Self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust are increased when you speak your truth. Read More
  • Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful, power stone of abundance, with a reputation of attracting wealth and money. The gold color attracts energy, and the brown color is grounding. The combination helps you remain patient, think clearly, and make good decisions. Read More
  • Tree Agate is used for clearing energy blocks that prevent clarity in thoughts. Read More
  • Unakite helps with clarity and vision by assisting in the opening of the third eye chakra. Unakite also balances and grounds by soothing the barrier between emotion and spirituality. Read More
  • White Agate IG
    White Agate brings harmony when there is stress in your daily life, and the feeling of peace is rewarding. The positive vibration that this stone helps shield negative energy and makes you feel safe. Read More

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