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The Howlite crystal increases creative thought, calming communication, clarity of your goals and ambitions, and helps facilitate emotional expression. Pain, stress, and rage can be calmed and soothed by carrying a Howlite crystal with you. Sometimes stress can cause rude outbursts, and Howlite helps consciousness by making you aware that you need to wait those critical moments before saying something you will regret. Howlite also assists in losing tension in your muscles.

Howlite deepens sleep and is helpful with insomnia, primarily when caused by an overactive mind. Deciphering dreams to gain wisdom is enhanced with Howlite by your bed.

Howlite balances calcium content in your body, which makes it an excellent crystal for bones, teeth, and soft tissues. Especially helpful with people who have osteoporosis.

Calms and soothes the emotions that reduce anxiety and tension. Assists in loosening and dispersing muscular tension. Excellent for bones due to its strong calcium content/vibration. Gently influences all chakras and contributes to positive emotional expression.


Intentions provide a thought process that allows you to set priorities and align yourself to manifest your goals. To focus on an intention declares to yourself that you are serious about your goals and dreams. An energized, firm intention will attract the essence of what it is. Focusing on the keywords for Howlite and saying the affirmation for Howlite can help make your thoughts a reality.

Keyword(s)Calm, Focus, Creativity
Affirmation(s)I release stressful thoughts and embrace joy.


Scientific Properties
ColorWhite, Colorless
Chemical FormulaCa2B5SiO9(OH)5
Specific Gravity2.53 - 2.59
Refractive Index1.586-1.605
Metaphysical Properties
Astrological Sign(s)Gemini
Vibration Number(s)2

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NOTE: The information we provide, and the healing properties attributed to a crystal gemstone are based on an understanding of the metaphysical qualities of the gemstone. The information should be taken as exciting and somewhat factual. The stones should not be an alternative for professional medical advice. For questions please contact us at 2BizChicks

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