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Lepidolite supports energetic transformation for the highest, spiritual good. By bringing forth loving light vibrational frequencies, you are calmed and soothed, and anxiety and stress are relieved. Old emotional patterns and negativity are reflected in and changed into positive and useful patterns. By finding a peaceful and harmonious path in life, personal and situational triggers are transformed into positive, improved situations.

In business, Lepidolite utilizes the diplomacy traits for direct and concise communication. Lepidolite assists with interpersonal communication by increasing openness, honesty, and transparency. Well-being is always enhanced by embracing one’s integrity and truth.

Lepidolite relieves allergies, strengthens the immune system, helps with exhaustion, and has even helped epilepsy. Menopause symptoms are alleviated by keeping a piece of Lepidolite in your purse or bag near your body.


Intentions provide a thought process that allows you to set priorities and align yourself to manifest your goals. To focus on an intention declares to yourself that you are serious about your goals and dreams. An energized, firm intention will attract the essence of what it is. Focusing on the keywords for Lepidolite and saying the affirmation for Lepidolite can help make your thoughts a reality.

Affirmation(s)I am emotionally balanced and filled with peace.


Scientific Properties
Chemical FormulaK(Li,Al)3(Al,Si,Rb)4O10(F,OH)2
Specific Gravity2.8 - 3
Hardness2.5 - 3.5
Refractive Indexn?=1.525–1.548, n?=1.551–1.58, n?=1.554–1.586
Metaphysical Properties
Chakra(s)Heart, Third Eye, Throat
Astrological Sign(s)Libra
Vibration Number(s)8

NOTE: The information we provide, and the healing properties attributed to a crystal gemstone are based on an understanding of the metaphysical qualities of the gemstone. The information should be taken as exciting and somewhat factual. The stones should not be an alternative for professional medical advice. For questions please contact us at 2BizChicks

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