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Milky quartz is also known as 'snow quartz' or simply 'white quartz.’" Milky Quartz is known to be one of the most powerful and versatile of all healing stones. It can work on many conditions and help other stones magnify and amplify their power and energy. It can balance the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional parts of one's self. Quartz regulates surrounding energies to protect against negativity and provides a conduit between physical and spiritual realms. It helps strengthen the aura and enhance its power, bringing one more in tune with the universe while also aligning and cleansing all the chakras.


Intentions provide a thought process that allows you to set priorities and align yourself to manifest your goals. To focus on an intention declares to yourself that you are serious about your goals and dreams. An energized, firm intention will attract the essence of what it is. Focusing on the keywords for Milky Quartz and saying the affirmation for Milky Quartz can help make your thoughts a reality.

Affirmation(s)My thoughts are calm and my spirit is refreshed.


Scientific Properties
CategorySilicate: Silica
ColorWhite, cloudy
Chemical FormulaSiO2
Specific Gravity2.65 - 2.66
Refractive Index1.553 - 1.554
Metaphysical Properties
Astrological Sign(s)
Vibration Number(s)4

NOTE: The information we provide, and the healing properties attributed to a crystal gemstone are based on an understanding of the metaphysical qualities of the gemstone. The information should be taken as exciting and somewhat factual. The stones should not be an alternative for professional medical advice. For questions please contact us at 2BizChicks

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