An interview provides you with an opportunity to showcase your pristine resume and skills. However, how you dress could distract a potential employer and hurt your chances of landing a job. When choosing the perfect outfit to wear to an interview, the very first step to take note of the organizational setting. The proper interview attire can vary based on location or occupation, but it is always recommended to dress formally and to aim for a more conventional appearance. An interview isn’t the place to be a trendsetter, make fashion statements, or to demonstrate how expensive your wardrobe is. The goal is to show the interviewer your professional side along with your capacity to dress for any event. An interviewer is well conscious of the corporate culture within their company, and a personal interview provides the interviewer an opportunity to gauge the candidate’s attitude and respect to see whether they are a match good with the organization.


While women’s business attire is more flexible, men are expected to wear suits. Conventional suits in navy, black, or dark grey are highly recommended with a long sleeved dress shirt and tie. Ensure that your dress shirt is white or a color that coordinates well with your suit. In general, the best option is a dark suit with a light colored dress shirt. Be sure to keep your look conservative by avoiding all bright colors or excessive patterns on your ties, suits, or dress shirt. Finally, accent your look with a leather belt.

Your suit should be tailored and fit comfortably. The goal is to feel at ease in the interview so you can focus on the questions asked rather than the suit that is practically cutting you in half because it is too small. The more comfortable you are, the more confidence you radiate.

Shoes and Socks

Dress shoes add a professional finish to your attire. Be sure that your shoes match your belt and that they are well-polished and conservative.

Sock choice is another very important aspect of interview attire. My husband enjoys showing his personality through his crazy socks. While crazy socks are fun, a job interview is not the appropriate environment to show them off. Wear dark colored dress socks that match your dress pants for a classic, polished look.

Hair and Facial Hair

Your hair should be cut in a neat and conservative style, and be sure to do your hair before the interview. The goal is to look as neat and professional as possible.

A common question asked is if facial hair is okay in an interview setting. From what many employers and research say, facial hair is appropriate as long as it is neatly trimmed and conservative.


Men usually don’t need to accessorize much. As a rule of thumb, it is best to limit your jewelry to a professional-looking watch. It is also very common to see businessmen carrying a briefcase or portfolio, which adds a professional finish. The best briefcases and portfolios are those that are conventional and just large enough to fit a resume neatly.



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