Episode 8: Journey to Insurance with Rebecca Yates

Tamara Tran and Linda Rawson interview Rebecca Yates.  Rebecca is a published author, licensed insurance broker, consultant, and owner of Ark Insurance Solutions, LLC. She has been working in the health insurance industry since 2004. Before starting Ark in 2010, Rebecca worked for a diverse range of organizations including insurance brokerages, aerospace engineers, emergency medical suppliers, and technology consultants.

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Episode 7: Pivot to Your Goal with Cina Knecht

Tamara Tran and Linda Rawson interview Cina Knecht. Cina is an immigrant, first-generation college student and serial entrepreneur with a flair for strategic planning which she applies in her own businesses and as a consultant. Her passion for education and planning for the future stems from academic education and personal experience as well as her family focus as a 4th generation business owner. She is currently working on her Certified Financial Planner and holds 2 masters degrees. Her passion is helping individuals and families help themselves.

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2BizChicks Podcast Episode 6: Redefine yourself to accomplish with Julia Coronado

Tamara Tran and Linda Rawson interview Julia Coronado. The spunky speaker is an outspoken, say-it-like-it-is empowerment and accountability coach who specializes in assisting women to regain their confidence and self-esteem following divorce and domestic abuse. After she went through a nasty divorce, she began pairing her talents with her “mess” of life experiences to teach women how to use their voice, know their worth, and get out of their way to achieve their dreams.

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2BizChicks Podcast Episode 5: Live by your passion with Ezralea Robbins

Linda Rawson and Tamara Tran open the podcast with some discussion with Ezralea Robbins. The very successful entrepreneur has several ventures that help people relax. Many people enjoy a great massage and Ezralea owns the Mountainside Spa located inside the Rustler Lodge at Alta Ski resort in Utah. She is very passionate about teaching her team how to how to provide great services to each and every guest. Making sure they take time out to heal their body and take care of themselves. To recover from the rat race of the world.

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2BizChicks Podcast Episode 4: Interview with Jenn Foster

2BizChicks interviewed Jenn Foster who is a self-publishing expert and a book writing guru. She is also a ten-time best-selling author. Jenn started in web development and crafted her skills as an online marketer. She became the owner of Biz Social Boom and has helped 100’s of businesses become first-page news on major search engines.

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