Welcome to the first episode of 2BizChicks podcast! Linda Rawson and Tamara Tran interview entrepreneurs, or other people who are living their dreams. The real life stories are recorded to empower, enrich and enlighten you as well as bring entertainment to your listening experience.

Linda Rawson of DynaGrace Enterprises and Tamara Tran of Rylex met a few years ago, through an event sponsored by our local Small business administration district office. They became friends over the years through networking events and their companies have teamed on several DOD contract opportunities. This summer they both decided to attend a SBA Sponsored Mentor Protege event in Washington, DC and ended up spending a few days together at the conference. They have both been fortunate to work with wonderful people who have mentored us and provided suggestions and support along our way. While in Washington DC, they discussed at length the desire to create a platform that would help others, in particular, small businesses.

One of their challenges at successfully running a small businesses was finding applicable information in the moment. For this podcast they will share some of the frustrations and in addition some tips for reducing stress around the Holidays. They share 25 years’ of combined experiences and share lessons learned. This is their first podcast and they are anxious to share their message.

This episode includes:

  • Brief Introduction of Linda Rawson
  • Brief Introduction of Tamara Tran
  • Several background stories of childhood Christmas Memories
  • Conversation about stress of being a business owner around the holidays
  • Examples of employee gifts and ideas for company parties
  • Simple advice on handling the stress surrounding running a business and home life around the holidays

Links in this episode:

8 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

8 Tips for Holiday Happiness

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