Tamara and Linda recording the 2BizChicks Podcast

Tamara and Linda recording the 2BizChicks Podcast

Welcome to the 2BizChicks podcast! Linda Rawson and Tamara Tran interview entrepreneurs, or other people who are living their dreams. The real life stories are recorded to empower, enrich and enlighten you as well as bring entertainment to your listening experience.

Relationships, both personal and business are a fact of life.  In this episode, Linda and Tamara talk about how to love your relationships and grow from them.  Each partner should speak the same language and share the same values to have a successful relationship.

It is important to invest in yourself to take the necessary actions to develop the relationship to achieve goals.  Communication is essential as well as a “gut” feel about new people entering your life.  Do you want to business with them or be friends with them if you have that certain “feeling” that something is not right.

It is so difficult for Small business owners to take a few days off to participate in a conference or convention and some of them seem like a waste of time.  However, these face-to-face meetings might be just what you need to uncover new ways to growing your business.  You may discover new opportunities to grow your business.

Being seen at local events can let other companies know you are still in the game and create comradery to collaborate in the future.  The important take away from events is what is your Return on Investment (ROI) by attending that event.

This episode includes:

  • Business Relationships and how they are created.
  • Most relationships have been good but there are a few that have been disappointing.
  • Develop relationships by listening to your “gut” feeling and intuition.
  • Learning to work with people who have different personalities.
  • Be a good listener, slow down and listen to what they are saying.
  • Personal relationships and what they mean.
  • Business conferences.  Should you attend or not?  Who is there that might be possible business opportunities.
  • Attend local events just to show your face and let others know you are in the game.

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