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Episode 13: Tina Jones Build a Business Around Who You Are

Visionary and business strategist Tina Jones understands the joys and challenges of business planning and strategic growth. Having built multiple businesses from idea to execution to sale, she is passionate and skilled at empowering entrepreneurs to create sustainable sellable companies that honor their core values and support the lifestyle they love.  

Tina, the master connector, is also the producer of the Empower You Expo, Utah’s largest, most inclusive spiritual event highlighting the area’s diverse alternative wellness community. This year will be online. 


Empower You Expo

May 2nd, 2020 
Virtual Event
Tina Jones is a beautiful person. Her energy is fantastic. She is incredibly positive, optimistic, and has joyful energy.

She has gotten creative and learned technical things that helping people who are product based, including psychics and mediums in a world that is now online.

She has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. How did she get started as an entrepreneur?

Build a business around who you are and what matches your core values and your family needs at the time.Tina Jones

She was a single mom and worked in retail. When we discussed fear about making the jump to be an entrepreneur, Tina relayed this story.

Zero money. She asked herself what resources she had.

Somebody gave her a huge pumpkin. She took that pumpkin and started with making pies for Thanksgiving. How many pies would she have to make to have enough gas to visit her family.

She began selling pies before she even had them made.

Then she asked herself who would buy her pies. She approached everyone she knew, including the bank teller.

The other skillset that her dad told her about was finding somebody who is doing it, model your business after them, and do it better.

Her first professional business was daycare. Then she opened a residential cleaning service. She called up other businesses and offered to work for free just to learn the ropes. She worked for 5 or 6 companies, and then she launched her own business.

For each industry, follow other successful people and do what they are doing.

She sold her cleaning business and began her coaching business.

She read the book. Discover your Strengths. Play to your strengths. Pay somebody else to do the things you are not good at.

You can make a whole lot of trial and error, or you can get some help.

You will be successful faster if you get an expert to help you.Tina Jones

We talked about time management and the structure you need to accomplish tasks like writing an excellent blog.

Like most entrepreneurs, Tina is a voracious reader. The books she recommends in this episode are at the end of this article.

Tina is a Reiki master and talks about how much she has learned from that lessons of that technique. She believes it is the fundamental of all energy.

One of the tools Tina uses is Quantum Body Processing, and she feels it is a fast way to shift your energy state. The technique is simple enough to teach to kids. This technique has helped her heal emotional trauma from her childhood.

Linda Rawson and Jennifer Remund are the hosts of the podcast.  Contact us at 2BizChicks for more information.

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