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This Episode

Sarah CEO

You Will Learn

  • Sarah’s courage to do what she loves
  • Hard work can lead to awesome Career
  • Pivoting Business practices for the future
  • Sarah’s Networking Tips

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Episode 16: Empower You to Practice with Sarah CEO

Sarah offers the tools of Yoga & Reiki to help people improve Spiritually. Sarah’s priority is to make sure you take a step toward growing every time you visit. She first began her personal experiences with Yoga in 2000, then realized how much it balanced her state of mind and emotions. So, she decided to deepen her knowledge and spread her spiritual teachings with the community around her. Now, Sarah’s goal is to use Yoga, Reiki, and holistic coaching to help you find a balance between your mind, spirit, and body — just as she did.

Sarah came here from El Salvador at a young age of 16

Sarah came to the US with her family with little money, and she did not know what grade she needed to be in, her mom told her she has to go to school because school is vital. Sarah, while going to school, would work. She would work before or after school just to help. Sarah then had two children at a very young age. Sarah struggled but was blessed to be able to find a teacher and spiritual guide to steer her in the right direction.

Some of those challenges that I encountered earlier in my life gave me the strength and confidence that I now teach from. ~ Sarah CEO

Sarah CEOSarah was not always an entrepreneur

Sarah was a real estate agent and mortgages, and then when the market crashed back in 2008, she needed to find something new. She found a corporate job working at a water company. During this time, she was always practicing Yoga for herself.

Remembering seeing myself in the mirror in a Yoga Class and saying this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. ~ Sarah CEO

Sarah wanted to get started, but at the time, she had limitations. There was a training program for 30 days that she would need to travel to take the course. With two little kids and a full-time job, it just didn’t seem plausible. So after working for corporate America for about seven years, she decided it was time to take the leap.

Sarah decided it was time to take a chance

Sarah had a passion for Yoga and wanted to create a business with her passion. Sarah started at the bottom. Yoga teachers are a dime a dozen. It is easy to get certified in 30 days or go to weekend programs, and everyone is a teacher.

I believe in order to be a good teacher; you have to be a good student. ~ Sarah CEO

Sarah CEO

Sarah has completed extensive training programs over the years. That amounts to five times the amount of training you need to become a teacher. She would train and get as much education as she could. She believes if you put in the time and effort to master your craft and be good at what you do, people will attract to you and your business.

It took courage to start knocking on doors

Sarah went to several studios to try to teach. She had extra training that gave her an edge when asking for jobs at these studios. She started small, but once people began to see what she had to offer, it led to more opportunities and more clients. Opportunities led her to become a Yoga Instructor and teach trainees how to become a teacher.

Sarah loves teaching her trainees. She has created a certification course that requires her trainees to work very hard and hands-on to get the full benefits of her teachings. Her goal is to save her trainees some of the unnecessary work but also having them work twice as hard to create a career out of teaching. Her courses are very extensive and require full commitment.

Teaching Yoga is more than a career objective

Sarah wants to be clear to her students; this is not a make money fast career. Health and Wellness are different because it does not have instant gratification. It takes lots of effort to become a good teacher. Sarah is authentic and explains to her trainees the extensive work to teach Yoga for a lifelong career.

Sarah CEO

Sarah is facing some challenges this year. Sarah has always offered online courses or classes, and now everyone is going online. She did Google ads, Facebook ads, and now the market it getting completely overloaded. She needed to pivot in order to find more business. She is now networking and finding connections with other business owners—some in the Health and Wellness industry but also others that are interested in doing a class.

Networking takes time

Sarah was so used to just shooting out an email, paying Google more money for ads, to get clients and so Networking was not what she was used to. She has been learning this new set of skills. Meeting people, asking about their business, explaining your business, just takes more time.

Sarah believes you need to go networking to listen. She says, do not go network and talk about yourself. Listen to the other business owners and find out what makes them different. Learn as much as you can in that short amount of time. One on One meetings needs to be “How can I help you” not “How can you help me.” Make connections and referrals when Networking.

Customizing Care for Clients

Sarah believes in customizing her service as much as possible. Whether they are athletic or sit at a desk all day. She wants her clients to have the most customized experience for the best Wellness and health for each individual. Empowering the client to make their health into there own hands and live the best life.

I want to empower you to practice. ~ Sarah CEO

Sarah wants to encourage others to overcome fear and to lean in. But its easier said than done. That is why she likes Yoga. Yoga will put you in a position that may be weird or uncomfortable, and you sit there and tell your mind to feel, feel different parts, and no matter what’s going on with the body, can you maintain your equanimity. It teaches you to maintain that calmness anytime in your life, emotions, stress, life events.

Sarah likes to keep a personal planner. She writes down everything from eating to meditation to sleep. She wants to keep metrics for life, even the simplest, no thought required things like drinking water. Keeping track of those metrics can help you keep grounded and nurture what your mind and body need.

Sarah wants to encourage anyone that has a passion to get the resources and help that you need to make it happen.

When you are on the right path, and you are honoring the spirit, and you are doing what you love, people can sense it, they can sense it your voice, they can sense it your energy, and that’s what they follow. ~ Sarah CEO

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