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Episode 17: We Rise as We Lift Others

Alaina Rupe is on a mission. She wants businesses, especially women-owned businesses, to succeed. She is an experienced entrepreneur and can help entrepreneurs be successful.

Alaina started the interview by telling us about herself and her mission. She founded a business called BeginRich, and their whole goal is to work with entrepreneurs who are trying to turn their passion into profits. They also work with a lot of sales representatives, independent agents that just want to be the best version of themselves or make more sales and make more money.

What was completely obvious throughout the whole interview is that Alaina loves what she does. Her passion came through her voice the entire time. Her mantra:

We Rise As We Lift Others ~Alaina Rupe

Her mission in life is to help others be the best version of themselves or help others succeed or be happy or do it, whatever it is that they love to do, it will help bring that abundance into our own lives, and we can raise ourselves. And that is also the mission behind BeginRich is to build a community where we can all rise together and help one another succeed.

As a young girl in elementary school, Alaina would sell popsicles outside during the summertime, and she would mark up the price to make a profit. She knew what a markup was and was able to make 10 cents for every Popsicle that she sold. Alaina would reinvest that money into like a new wagon or a tent or more of my products, different things like that. Right from a young age, she knew she wanted to do something in the entrepreneurial world.

In high school, her favorite class was financial literacy. Still, she loved finance and numbers; she even liked business statistics and learning about how a business works and how it can function and how you can mainly be in charge of your future.

From Dance Came More of Her Future

Right out of high school, she started a dance choreography company and traveled across the nation, choreographing the dance. Dance is one of her passions and hobbies that she loves to do. I was even able to choreograph some routines for a dance studio in London, which was a fantastic opportunity. She did this over Skype, and it was a refreshing experience.

She ran her dance choreography business while attending the University of Utah, majoring in entrepreneurship.

She has worked with different companies and managed hundreds of employees. She built support teams from the ground up and helped those companies be able to be successful. So, they could be acquired by multimillion-dollar businesses. She has helped other industries be able to raise, and businesses raise capital anywhere. She has helped small companies raise money from 10,000 to 100,000 to two and a half million dollars.

She did it by building connections and listening to the needs of all of her clients. She feels being an entrepreneur was her destiny.

Her Advice on Leaving Corporate America And Starting A Business

She had moved from being on a support team to managing the department to growing into more of a sales representative and working on VIP accounts. Her story had sexism and ageism. We don’t always think of age bias against younger people, but she describes it eloquently. She was the top-performing sales representative and the hardest working person, feeling frustrated because she continually trained men when she was doing a better job.

She had to leave because she was not passionate about what she was doing, and she wanted to be her own boss. Nobody else should have a say in what she is worth personally. There were extreme limitations to how fast she could move up.

When you make that jump from working that nine to five, to being an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. You get to set your hours; you choose how much money you make, you choose that financial freedom, and that time freedom that you want, you choose the life that you live, and you can do whatever it is that sets your soul on fire. ~Alaina Rupe

She admits this was a brave move. By breaking free from the typical nine to five job, she emphasizes you have what it takes to succeed. She stated that the courage and bravery within you will make things happen and to make your dreams come true. Her biggest tip is to be patient with yourself because the transition is difficult. It seems in our society everyone wants immediate gratification and instant success, but good things take time. Her advice is to be patient with yourself and understand that you’re on the right track.

She iterates to embrace that you are doing what you love and work your little butt off to make that happen. You can accomplish it, and it will happen.

Alaina’s Thoughts on Visualization

Linda asked Alaina about Visualization. Visualization is being able to imagine the life that you want. Part of being patient is being able to see that goal and being able to visualize yourself in that goal. The goal could happen tomorrow, or it could be ten years from now, but you have to keep motivated to keep going. And one of the ways is visualization.

Alaina loves visualization and affirmations. She doesn’t think any dream or goal is too big. She also says to work hard and not hold back. By visualizing your goal, you can focus on that end picture, without getting overwhelmed and know things will fall into place. Everything will happen as it should.

Alaina loves the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Burns and the ability to project your thoughts and have those thoughts appear. She has created a vision board for herself and is always updating it. Alaina shared with us a story about how she manifested a house for her and her husband. She shared another story about being able to go to Finland with her husband by first using their miles and their money for their original trip to help their family and then having the trip manifest at a later date.

Her Thoughts on Her Business

BeginRich is a partnership between Alaina and her Dad, Aaron Brandley. Family-owned businesses can be rewarding. Aaron is an industry expert. He has been helping businesses grow and implement the tools that they need to succeed for 30 plus years. They have different perspectives on things, and the combination works well. She loves their business and working with amazing people every day that have a strong passion, and we get to help them accomplish those dreams and those goals.

The masterclasses they host every week with different industry experts allow the community to share their wisdom and knowledge, point of view and help entrepreneurs get to the next level. They begin with a discovery session, a one-on-one brainstorming session, which starts the ball rolling.

Aaron, my dad, and my business partner, is intuitive, and when he’s meeting and talking with someone, he just gets inspired and knows how to help them. These one-on-one brainstorming sessions allow them to dive deep into the problems that a business is facing. Nobody wants to talk about those problems, but Alaina and Aaron are there to help. They have amazing partners in every industry.

Alaina on Life Balance

Alaina has a beautiful one-year-old daughter, and she volunteers part-time as the head coach of the West High School drill team, which is about 30 hours a week plus volunteering to do, you know, keep dance in my life and do something that I love and work with teen girls and students. She does this in the mornings before she begins her day.

She created planners that have helped her be organized because she was looking for planners and task lists. She suggests prioritizing on what you are best at, focus on that, and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Alaina on Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely is the found of Spanx, self-made billionaire and a total boss, babe. What stood out to Alaina was that Sara suggests you ask yourself, “Are you spending the majority of your time doing what you are best at? If not, changes need to be made.

The planners created by Alaina were because she needed to play to her strength and not waste time doing what she wasn’t good at. She learned to delegate that. She has a task list, and every day she prioritizes her top 3 things on that list. She tries to make those things she can accomplish quickly the most important. She understands she won’t be able to do all of the things on the list. But as an entrepreneur, she can set her schedule, have flexibility, and needs to organize her schedule to maintain that lifestyle.

Alaina’s Tools and Resources

Her planner is Alaina’s favorite tool, but on their website, they use Click Funnels. She organizes her business and website with Click Funnels. Funnel marketing is a hot topic right now, but they also use Facebook and LinkedIn. She also believes Masterclass is a fantastic resource too. Alaina shared with us a link to her Masterclass. There are dozens of masterclasses from all kinds of industry experts. https://shareasale.com

She handwrites her schedule in her planner and doesn’t utilize an online calendar. She likes to see her handwriting to visually commit the schedule to memory.

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