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Women-owned businesses in history are a rarity.  Historically, if you’ve tracked statistics and history about business and notable people leading those businesses, your research would be filled with lots and lots of men. That’s because for decades (and even centuries) the only people allowed into business in ownership positions were men, and white men at that.

Business Woman

Business Woman

In the past, women-owned businesses were rare.  Traditional laws and cultural norms prevented women from owning or even starting their own businesses.

Therefore, women who had marvelous ideas but no capital or resources could not get their businesses off the ground.  The typically patriarchal society made women who had great ideas hold back because of the battle to get into the front of traditional businesses.

However, things are starting to change and evolve.  Women-owned business success stories fill history books.  Brave women lead the challenge and move ahead in business sectors typically led by men-based businesses.

What is changing and what do women need to know about how other women are accelerating growth in business?

Quill.com has create an amazing infographic that shows some of the most interesting facts and statistics surrounding the 10 most fastest-growing women-owned business.  The infographic contains some important statistics about women-owned businesses:

  • Less than three decades ago there were only 3 million women-owned businesses. Today, there are about 11 million women-owned businesses.
  • Employ nearly 9 million people
  • Comprise 39% of the business population
  • Employ 8% of the country’s total private sector workforce
  • Contribute 4% of the nation’s business revenue

This blog was written by Linda Rawson, who is the founder of DynaGrace Enterprises (dynagrace.com) and the inventor of WeatherEgg (weatheregg.com). She, along with her daughter, Jennifer Remund make up the mother-daughter duo of 2BizChicks (2Bizchicks.com).  For further information, please connect with Linda on LinkedIn, or contact her at (800) 676-0058 ext 101.

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