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Episode 11: Relaunch of 2BizChicks Podcast

Linda Rawson and Jennifer Remund are pleased relaunch the 2BizChicks Podcast, the very first Podcast Episode as a Mother-Daughter Team.

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White-Collar Crime: The Grey Area of Crime

White collar crime is any crime committed by a person in the course of their occupation. Most types of white-collar crime tend to involve deceit, a violation of trust, and concealment. Furthermore, these crimes usually do not involve physical force or violence, and... read more

Interview Attire for Women

As you prepare for an interview, it is critical to understand the significance of a first impression. From the second that you walk in, an employer forms an opinion of you based on how you carry yourself and how you are dressed. However, the appropriate interview... read more

Questions to Help Find Your Next Big Thing

Being your own boss and having control over your time is what every human out there craves. A fat bank account, success stories and being tagged ‘a business guru’ are the perks of being an entrepreneur. Startup The Transition However, most startup owners... read more

The Influence of Women Entrepreneurs

Women are continually dealing with challenges from virtually all spheres of life. In business, women who aspire to climb up the ladder in a male-dominated world usually encounter obstacles. Women-Owned Businesses Obstacles The obstacles are there if a woman endeavors... read more


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