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Is Teleworking Right for You?

Everyone imagines themselves teleworking from home in their pajamas and not having to endure the hassle of showing, getting dressed in business clothing and then getting in a car or mass transit to commute to work. However, sometimes you miss the day to day... read more

Dr. Alice Hamilton: Tireless Advocate for Worker Safety

To celebrate National Women Physician Day, we decided to highlight the career of Dr. Alice Hamilton, one of the most inspiring women physicians in the field of occupational health.

read more

Female-Owned Enterprises on the Rise

In the past, women-owned businesses were extremely rare. However, female entrepreneurship increased exponentially in the past two decades. Now, women are major economic engines that account for a large part of the national data. Since entrepreneurship is a keystone... read more

Benefits of Having a Diverse Workforce

Having a diverse workplace provides a slew of benefits ranging from increased creativity and productivity to increased job retention. Furthermore, multiple studies published in Gallup, Scientific American, and MIT consistently support how diversity in the workforce... read more

Summer Preparations for a Successful Fall

Most people look forward to summertime. The warm weather and relaxed atmosphere help create the allure of vacation and freedom. However, while most people enjoy the sunshine, many small business entrepreneurs dread it. In the business world, summertime comes with the... read more


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