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Lyndsey Stringham

What is an Abundance Grid?

Abundance is what everyone wants in their life. Abundance is also about mindset and one of the useful tools to help with mindset is an Abundance Grid with Crystals.

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Do What You Say You Are Going to Do

It seems trivial, a possible oversight.  Do What You Say You Are Going to Do, or fail. You gloss over it. You may not realize you are not doing what you say.  You judge others for doing the same thing.  You hate it when others do this to you. You said,... read more

Dr. Gladys West: A Mathematical Living Legend

Not every day you come across people who make far-reaching contributions in mathematics the way Dr. Gladys West did.  Monumental changes in the way we see and do certain things. For instance, if you are using the Global Positioning System (GPS) to navigate... read more

4 Outstanding Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Boost Your Productivity

Do you need assistance in your everyday tasks as a business owner?  A Virtual Assistant may be the answer. They can help you buy more time.

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It’s National Women’s Equality Day. Enjoy!

It’s National Women’s Equality Day, a historic day in the fight for women’s equality. On this day in 1920, the US government passed the Nineteenth Amendment. The amendment prevented barring local and national governments from denying the right to vote in elections based on gender.

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