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Summer Preparations for a Successful Fall

Most people look forward to summertime. The warm weather and relaxed atmosphere help create the allure of vacation and freedom. However, while most people enjoy the sunshine, many small business entrepreneurs dread it. In the business world, summertime comes with the... read more

Six Habits of Successful People

As a pre-medical student, I learned that the key to success is not something that you are necessarily born with. Rather, it is something that you learn and continues to develop throughout your life. That being said, success boils down to our everyday habits. However,... read more

White-Collar Crime: The Grey Area of Crime

White collar crime is any crime committed by a person in the course of their occupation. Most types of white-collar crime tend to involve deceit, a violation of trust, and concealment. Furthermore, these crimes usually do not involve physical force or violence, and... read more

Women in Business Trends 2018

According to statistics released by the National Association of Women Business Owners in the United States, 31% of the businesses in the country are controlled by women. While this does not show gender parity, it is a welcome development to know that women are rising... read more


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