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Annette Pieper

Annette Pieper

Annette Pieper, lovingly known as the Badass Business Chick, is a Business Growth Expert, Author, Coach, Corporate Trainer and Speaker. She is President of the High Impact Success Training firm, Vision 2 Reality Training. Annette has over 20 years of coaching, consulting and training expertise, is the author of the upcoming book Conquering Success Mountain and co-author of the bestselling book Step Into Your Vision. She has helped thousands of people across the globe through her powerful programs.

Annette is a single mother of 2 sons and has had a challenging experience to grow her business while raising two boys.  She loves the outdoors even shoveling snow.  Annette is a bad ass because she has done the inner work to rise about the chaos.  Like a phoenix rising above the ashes.

Annette first became an entrepreneur by doing of all things…selling drugs.

She initially supported her own habits and then realized that her product and service would make her the go-to business person while supporting her lifestyle.  She got married and stopped doing that business activity to raise children.  She learned as she went.  This experience was part of her journey and is part of her.

She is a business coach and training expert.

She helps businesses build a plan.  She feels a business plan is critical and should be updated every year.

If you are not aligned in your heart?  You will not be aligned to achieve your goals.

Annette worked in corporate America in the semiconductor industry.  She started as a person on the manufacturing line and soon became promoted to a failure analysis engineer.  Using those same skills she finds the leaks in people’s personality.  A marriage crisis helped Annette do her own personal development.  Her first official business was being a personal development expert in hypnosis, energy healing.  Then Annette got their degree and transitioned into business coaching in 2009.

I was never satisfied to be a worker bee.

She calls herself an intrepreneur.  an entrepreneur trapped in corporate America.

Experiencing being laid off her job, ending a marriage, moving her kids, IRS audits, going through a divorce,  Her son got involved in drugs and went through some mental

Annette Pieper

Annette Pieper

health issues.  All of this process took four years.  Her mom became very sick.  She ended up moving into her mom’s home to take care of her.  Through all of this, she had a great support network.  Her own internal coping mechanisms like journaling and crying things out.  Whenever things were not flowing she would hit her knees and
ask for help and received intuitive thoughts to get her business back on track.  She always went back to her business plan to make sure she was on track.

Annette got into a serious car accident this year and the recovery is taking much longer than she expected.  She has a great Facebook group and it is called the BadAss Business Builders Mastermind Group.

Annette has a free gift for everyone that listens to this podcast.

The FOUR WEEK course is called “Be the Miracle.”  To get your mind-heart-soul alignment go to http://www.visiontorealitytraining.com/success/BeTheMiracle.html.

By giving to others you experience a karmic return on investment.  Her marketing model includes free things as well.  You can give people a taste of what you can do for people.  She has personal one-on-one and also a year-long coaching class.  She emphasizes strategic planning and a lot of mindset work.  Your mindset needs to be where it should be to avoid self-sabotaging.

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