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Reasons that Women have more Success with Crowdfunding

The bane of starting a business primarily for women is inadequate capital. Women overcome so many hurdles in the business world to become very successful. Business Ecosystem Being Held Back The gender disparity in the business ecosystem makes it quite unfavorable for... read more

Climbing the Career Ladder

Individuals who have been in an occupation for some time are usually facing a challenge which is, advancing in their different careers. Wanting the Best The Summit You may be fresh out of college or a junior staff at your establishment, however, the natural thing to... read more

The Influence of Women Entrepreneurs

Women are continually dealing with challenges from virtually all spheres of life. In business, women who aspire to climb up the ladder in a male-dominated world usually encounter obstacles. Women-Owned Businesses Obstacles The obstacles are there if a woman endeavors... read more

Balancing your Career and Family

Family and your career are like two glass balls that you must juggle else they will crash. Which is More Important School of Thought Many a time, debates have stemmed on which among the two is more important. A school of thought picked marriage another picked career.... read more

Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace involves a lot of things and goes beyond having a workforce with people of diverse race, age, cultural background, religious affiliations. It even goes beyond maintaining an equal number of employees from both genders. Diversity is Success... read more


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