Benefits of Having a Diverse Workforce

Having a diverse workplace provides a slew of benefits ranging from increased creativity and productivity to increased job retention. Furthermore, multiple studies published in Gallup, Scientific American, and MIT consistently support how diversity in the workforce...

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Summer Preparations for a Successful Fall

Most people look forward to summertime. The warm weather and relaxed atmosphere help create the allure of vacation and freedom. However, while most people enjoy the sunshine, many small business entrepreneurs dread it. In the business world, summertime comes with the...

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Women In Medicine

This past year, women accounted for more than half of the incoming medical students. While this is a strong feat, women have not always had the opportunity to be involved in academic medicine. In the past, medical schools have denied them access to their programs....

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Naomi Osaka- The Champion of the US Open

Naomi Osaka, a 20- year old tennis player, is in the global spotlight after she defeated Serena Williams and ultimately won the US Open. This victory marks the first Grand Slam title Osaka won, and it is amplified by the fact that she triumphed over Williams, the...

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20 Trailblazing Women Who Shaped History

Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment. To celebrate, Marblecast Products, Inc. offered to make marble busts of 20 remarkable women that changed history. To commemorate these women further, we decided to do a quick spotlight on...

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His Brain vs. Her Brain

Throughout childhood and adolescence, we are often told that males and females are very different. As we grow into adulthood, the physical and mental differences become more prominent. Mentally, males and females seem to operate differently to the untrained eye....

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